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ChatGPT For Programmers | ChatGPT Tutorials ai

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#chatgpt #ai #openai #leetcode #leetcodequestions #chatgptfor #chatgpt3 #chatgpttomakemoney #chatgptexplained #chatgpttutorial #developer #code #2023 #coding #tech #shorts #software #programming #programmer

Chapters :-

00:01 :- Find Closest to Given Two Nodes Leet Code Problem Using ChatGPT

06:40 :- Create a Java Code To List Tree In Linklist

08:35 :- Difficulty Hard Solve Median of Two Sorted Array Leet Code Problem Using ChatGPT3

12:00 :- Top Trending Python Quetions Find Using ChatGPT OpenAI

13:15 :- Find Trending Question On LeetCode Using ChatGPT

14:10 :- Merge k Sorted Lists Merge all the linked-lists into one sorted linked-list LeetCode Problem Solve Using ChatGPT

17:40 :- ChatGPT3 AI Language Model Trained in 2021 and Cut-Off From Internet

18:35 :- i Asked ChatGPT Who Am I ?

19:10 :- I asked ChatGPT What if we Give Three list to hashmap and Try To Generate Tree in Java

19:35 :- Some Time ChatGPT Not Give Answers What we Expect

20:30 : 👍!! THANK YOU !!🙏

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Question On ChatGPT & LeetCode:-

1. Can ChatGPT be used to generate code for solving LeetCode problems?

2. How does ChatGPT compare to other AI code generators for solving LeetCode problems?

3. Can ChatGPT understand and apply different algorithms and data structures when solving LeetCode problems?

4. How does ChatGPT handle edge cases and edge conditions when solving LeetCode problems?

5. Can ChatGPT generate optimized and efficient code for solving LeetCode problems?

6. How does ChatGPT handle input validation and error handling when solving LeetCode problems?

7. Can ChatGPT explain the reasoning behind its solution for a LeetCode problem?

8. How does ChatGPT handle multiple solutions for a single LeetCode problem?

9. Can ChatGPT generate test cases to ensure the correctness of its solution for a LeetCode problem?

10. How does ChatGPT handle time and space complexity when solving LeetCode problems?

11. Can ChatGPT work on multiple LeetCode problems at the same time?

12. How does ChatGPT handle different programming languages when solving LeetCode problems?

13. Can ChatGPT work with big data when solving LeetCode problems?

14. How does ChatGPT handle recursion when solving LeetCode problems?

15. Can ChatGPT generate clean, readable, and well-organized code for solving LeetCode problems?

16. How does ChatGPT handle debugging and troubleshooting when solving LeetCode problems?

17. Can ChatGPT work with parallel and distributed computing when solving LeetCode problems?

18. How does ChatGPT handle performance optimization when solving LeetCode problems?

19. Can ChatGPT work with real-world datasets when solving LeetCode problems?

20. How does ChatGPT handle scalability and maintainability when solving LeetCode problems?

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