Building A Pocket Sized Python Playground

Building A Pocket-Sized Python Playground

Building A dense Python Playground
Like several people, [Ramin Assadollahi] includes a bound fondness for the computers of time. Finding his itch for nearly instant boot times and blank metal programming weren’t being adequately scraped by any of his trendy devices, he set to create the PortablePy: a pocket-sized device which will drop him directly into a Python prompt where and whenever the urge hits him.

The device is power-driven by the Adafruit PyPortal Titano, which mixes a ATSAMD51J20, ESP32, associate array of sensors, and a 3.5″ diagonal 320 x 480 color TFT into one turn-key unit. The PyPortal is intended to run CircuitPython, however the scripts square measure sometimes born on the device over USB. That’s fine for many applications, however [Ramin] needed his transportable to be usable while not the requirement for a number laptop.

For a really mobile expertise, he had to work out some way to play some Python code on the device itself. the solution concluded up being the M5Stack CardKB, a small QWERTY board that communicates over I2C. Once he verified the conception was sound, he wrote a straightforward file management application and token Python editor that would run right the PyPortal.

The final step was packaging the total issue up into one thing he might truly pop out the bench. He designed a 3D written clamshell case galvanized by the classic Game Boy Advance SP, ensuring to depart enough space within the bottom [*fr1] to pack in a very charging board and LiPo pouch battery. He did need to take away a number of the connectors from the rear of the PyPortal to urge everything to suit within the case, however the compact consequence appears well worth the effort.

While associate overall success, [Ramin] notes there square measure many lingering problems. For one issue, the keyboard is virtually a pain to kind on. He’s considering building a custom keyboard with softer buttons, however it’s a long goal. a lot of like a shot he’s specializing in rising the software package facet of things therefore its easier to jot down code and manage multiple files.

It seems like [Ramin] isn’t trying to compromise on his goal of constructing the PortablePy fully standalone, however if your convictions aren’t as sturdyyou may perpetually connect a tool like this up to your mobile to form things a touch easier.

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